....... Another great month and it seems that things are getting more and more busy. I got to play my first night at Elijah Churchill’s in Northport. Thanks to Cory, Neil and everyone over there for making it a fun time and for inviting me back on May 22nd.

....... My first full-length house concert was a great success in Jersey City Heights. Laura did a wonderful job preparing for it and we had amazing positive feedback from the guests who attended. David Plakke Productions videotaped the event and we are quiet pleased with the results. Thank you to David and Brett who had 2 cameras on me making me feel camera weird again, but that's ok...! Individual videos are being edited as I write this with Website and Youtube posts to follow shortly.

...... Among many other events, I was able to perform at a WLIU ( 88.3 FM ) fundraiser on the 27th. WLIU or Peconic Public Broadcasting is a staple on the east end of Long Island. Supporting local radio stations such as WLIU and WUSB ( 90.1) Stony Brook is very important to me and it was my pleasure to meet Bonnie Grice there. Bonnie is a well-known disc jockey on 88.3 and just like DJ Eve on 90.1, seems to always be out supporting local causes. Please join me in supporting theirs.

...... April is completely full of many new dates and adventures. I look forward to them and thank everyone who has come out to hear me play. A special thank you to Laura, Andrew and Lana for dedicating so much time to my house concert and video shoot...... je me souviens

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