June 2017

...It's been a crazy couple of months but all good...! We are in a new home now which we absolutely love because it as plenty of room for friends and family. Especially those two little amazing boys, Finnigan and Griffin…


January 2017


   Lately I've been digging up songs written in the past 2-3 years that have not been played out in public until now. I find it interesting that they are all names of women... 'Rene' Today', 'Anne Marie' and 'Stella'…

2015, a year in review


 It seems that I've been neglecting my duties in this Journal. Let's call it a good thing as 2016 was an amazing year for the music. I'm not quite sure how we kept up with it all but…


March ~ 2015

...... Back in January I played a set of music at Fresh Hamptons out on the east end of the south fork. I spy a guitar player I know. Poor Klyph Black who had just finished playing was sitting there…

February ~ 2015

...There is something to be said about listening to a friend... I took some advise from my buddy Jack Licitra and went back to the Grey Horse this time with just Dana and I. The evening was great fun and…

January ~ 2015

I'm just now getting better at playing with a full band.. I can tell you it's a challenge as a singer songwriter who usually controls the tempo and pace of a set of songs. Having one of the most important…

December ~ 2014

A small stage....University cafe, Stony Brook NY.... Jon Preddice, Dana and I covering The Lone bellow's 'A Tree to Grow'.. I want those moment's...every time I perform.. ..
..................Joy, Intensity, Trust..........

November ~ 2014

The NERFA Conference was such a great weekend. I learned a lot about myself and others. It was a milestone and an honor to perform as WFUV's JohnPlatt's guest at the Suzie Wallenberg DJ Showcase. 

October ~ 2014

...Had fun in October especially at the Garden of Eve. Can't remember the older gentleman doing the sound, but he cracked me up. He saw my pedal system and said " you're not gonna blow my PA up now are…

September ~ 2014

..September in Key West is not September in New York, or Maine as a matter of fact. Especially when we got to meet the Finny Boy for the first time. 
Every chapter will now be different with Finnigan in this…

August ~ 2014

The happenings on main street concert series in Northport, NY was my highlight for the month of August. What a beautiful setting on the water with an attentative crowd listening to just Jon on Cello and I. To cap it…

July ~ 2014

Tuesday July 15th....... Finnigan James Lunsted entered this world and forever changes things..!! I am so proud of Jenny & Sean