June 2017

...It's been a crazy couple of months but all good...! We are in a new home now which we absolutely love because it as plenty of room for friends and family. Especially those two little amazing boys, Finnigan and Griffin. A lot of people have been asking me about when I'm going to release  more music. I have enough material probably for two more albums but for me it's not something that I feel pressured to do, time-wise. I am enjoying taking this material and reworking it, playing with its cadence,  picking patterns etc. I am also reworking my effects pedal board.

  For you music gear people I have added a Strymon Mobius to go along with a Big Sky and a TimeLine. One of the main reasons I'm redoing the whole board is because I feel the cables I used aren't up to par. You can haves some really great  tools/pedals to work with but if the cables  aren't good quality it's irrelevant. I've chosen Mogami platinum series patch cables. There a life lesson in that somewhere....!avoid or

  I've also created a workshop in the basement to work on my garden carousel and some other visual art things. 

Life is good... life is short...

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