2015, a year in review


 It seems that I've been neglecting my duties in this Journal. Let's call it a good thing as 2016 was an amazing year for the music. I'm not quite sure how we kept up with it all but I just feel especially blessed to have had the opportunities to perform in several states as well as a jam packed local schedule. My 2009 SUV now has 162,000 miles on it although we did fly to the Midwest. 

 Speaking of the Midwest, I have to say that I thoroughly enjoyed travelling to our country's heartland. Thanks to a wonderful radio promotion campaign put on by Blue River Promotions, (Thank you Lisa Grey !), Carousel received a great deal of airtime throughout the country, especially in the Midwest, we were happy to see the songs getting plays on so many fine stations. Our tour of Minnesota and Wisconsin was so much fun. As an independent artist it is much more work than someone might think when it comes to the planning, especially when you add flights and hotels to the equation. I would do it all over again to visit the people and places we got to see.  The simple act of a conversation at a small store in a town like Redwood Falls comes to mind as the people were pleasant and genuinely kind. There is something to be said about slowing things down a bit. 
 As much as I enjoyed the performances and was so elated to have people requesting songs from the album in a far away state, I really think it was the Americana part of it that captured me.  The scenery, the Museums and the big lake they call Gitche Gumee... all spoke to me, saying our America is alive and well if you just take the time and breathe.

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