September 2011

........Many little punks celebrated their 1st birthdays in the September, October months this year. Life........I feel it has been a sign that things are good in my world.
My sister Holly's twins, Hannah & Ari........Dana's sister Kaaren's precocious little Clare.........Olivia, Leanne and Jason Strom's beautiful and wise-beyond-her-years daughter..... and of course the ever-smiling, Layla, Jon & Krista Preddices' little girl ........all made us realize how time flies.

...... The PBS documentary "Light in the Darkness" which covers the events surrounding the death of Marcelo Lucero, opened up nationally in September and I was honored to have the song "Perdonome Hermano" in it as part of the soundtrack. If you don't know already, when you download this song all the proceeds go towards the Marcelo Lucero Scholarship Fund. Please see the home page for details.

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