........Using visualization has been a very important part of this musical journey for me. When I first heard music being played at Deepwell's mansion in Saint James, I knew I had to see myself there and work towards it. Acoustic Long Island is such a great musical series and I think what separates it from most listening rooms is the venue itself, the quality of the sound and the audience. The people come there and pay homage to the performer by giving pindrop attention and it allows the performer to give back even more. When Dave Dircks asked me to play there it was my visualization come true and I felt so honored by his invitation.
To have Jon, Leanne and Dana bring to a live stage what is on the new recordings was so much fun. That night will be something that no matter where I go or how far this journey takes me, I will remember always. Photos from that night.

Mixing of the New CD, Silver Burning Sky continued in September. I really have learned so much about the process, as there is so much to know, so much detail in the puzzle it becomes. It's a good thing I have had people around me that have built puzzles before....!

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