........The artwork for "Silver Burning Sky" made me think about all of the albums that I have purchased over the years and the ones visually that stood out the most. I have to say that one of my favorites is U2- The Joshua Tree. Anton Corbijn's sparse photos left one of those images in my eyes that stayed on my retinas like a 1950's flash bulb.
I was able to have John Davis work with me and create an idea that spoke to the content of the music itself without being overdone or too busy. Thank yous out to John.

I think my favorite musical event in October was doing a children's storytime with Miss Dana at the library where she is the children's librarian. Kids absolutey love and respond to music in such a good way. It was fun to be out of the allegedly serious aspect of some of my writings and get to play among others " Going to the zoo" by Tom Paxton. We also read/ sang "Pete the cat " which Miss Dana and I are relentlessly determined to have seen as one of the best known children's books of the modern era.
it's all about the positive message....and " it's all good"

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