May ~ 2012

Hmm.... Traveling on the New Jersey Turnpike.... sounds like so many songs, right? It seems the distance traveling has begun for this band, and it's a good thing my phone has a GPS in it...! Drove 4 hours and played at the Barrington Coffee House in Barrington ( Southern part of the state ) to a intimate crowd. We had a wonderful time sharing the stage with Loretta Haden, her husband gary and the lovely Sharon Goldman. after the show we got up and drove back ..... I think my hands are still on the wheel.....!

 Miss Dana made her live radio debut on WUSB with DJ Eve's show, 'Long Island Sounds'. She is such a trooper and seemed so natural. Her level-headedness is good to be around in what is sometimes a chaotic schedule these days.... not complaining, just expressing the whirlwind...!

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