....January, January.... I should write a song about January...! The last two, (2010 and 2011) have been whirlwinds...oh wait, that's a different song....!

  This January was non-stop as we officially released 'Silver Burning Sky' on the 25th of the month. Laura and I wanted to do something a little out of the ordinary for our kick- off so we had a dinner party and concert at O's in Saint James. It was a wonderful success with the Miles to Dayton bunch and My Buddy Jack helping me out on stage.
Phillipe, the principal and head chef at O's did a remarkable job and the staff worked very hard. My only regret was that I wish the place was bigger so that I could have asked more people to come.

  In promoting the release, I was able to do live, on-air shows with Habanero of WUSB FM, Bonnie Grice of WPPB FM, Bob Longman of WUSB and Joe Vignola of WUSB as well. The radio personalities of Long Island have been extremely kind to me and my music, as well as to  other local musicians. I thank them so much for stepping up.

  Dawn Watson of The Press was also kind enough to have Brandi Buchman write a feature story in the Southampton Press about yours truly. This was perfect timing for the release date and Brandi really took the effort to write a nice article which highlighted the type of music and where it comes from.

Musical Events this month included The Stephen Talkhouse in Amagansett (love that place), The Gray Horse Tavern, The Bridgehampton Parlor Concert Series, and Wings Over Haiti benefit.

........ January.........wow...!

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