December and a Year in Review....

.....The Holidays were somewhat quiet this year, thankfully. There were plenty of family and friends, just not as chaotic as they can be. I really loved playing at G P Lane's Xmas special. He surely knows how to gather up the troops. Dana and I sang a song called 'Bring a torch Jeanette Isabella' which is an old French Christmas song from the 1600's.

2010 was a year I will never forget. The powers that be showed me so many great things...... The importance of friends, trusting yourself and how very important it is honor that gifts you have been given. I have been given so many gifts and music being one of them has allowed me the keys to so many others.

The time of recording 'Silver Burning Sky', not necessarily the end result, was a life changing event for me. I found so much joy in working on this project. I thank Jack for sitting me down before we started and reminding me to enjoy the moments of it all.

I dedicate the great success and fun I have had in 2010 to Dana, Laura, Jack, Jon, Leanne and Dave.... I love you all.

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