April ~ 2012

....In less than a year both Dana and I lost our dearest uncles and we are still trying to come to grips with it. Dana's Uncle John, the man that took her under his wing when she needed him most, left this earth on April 9th surrounded by his Wife, Children, Nieces, Nephews and admirers ( this one ).
  During the Christmas holiday, we were all sitting around the table and Uncle John said " I'm curious to know what is on the other side" He said it with a certain wonderment in his tired voice and I know he meant it, but I'm kinda guessing part of the reason he said it was to help put his family at some sort of ease.
 How do you define "lost"? ......Lost the company of? ......define company .....Lost the person?....define the person.... a memory? Since this is a space where I am called upon to write my thoughts I can only say what I think.
 Uncle John is lost only in the sense of his body. His warmth, his deeds and his memory move forward in all of those he loved and who certainly loved him. His kindness to my wife before I even met him has affected me forever and his acceptance of all people is an example of how we should all aspire to be.

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