........What I can tell you is that April 2011 was a great month and went by way too fast....!  I was invited to return to The Vail Leavitt Theatre in Riverhead by my good friends  Miles to Dayton and boy was it a fun night. Did I love playing there? Yes, but more so than that, Dana and I got to hear our buddies, M2D kickin' some butt...! They even had their dad, Mr. Phil Preddice up on stage and Jam with them on violin....... Music is such a joy and the Preddice family proves it....!

  Miss Bonnie Grice kindly had me back live on the air to help me promote some concert dates and I have to say, it is so much fun hanging with her. She is such a professional and makes it so cool that I have to remember that I am on air ...... just a lot of wacky faces and laughter....! I'm so glad that Bonnie and WPPB are in the place they are in, please continue to support them.

  The Custer Observatory Concert.......what can I say? This place will always hold a special place in my heart. It is my home base, my home sound, my home people and on that night, rain couldn't hold back all the magic of the evening. My dear friend Fred Raimondo opened up the evening with 2 beautiful songs of his own that set the mood for the whole show.
  I would like to say I knew what I was doing when I invited G P Lane to recite some poetry that night. I would like to say I told him how to show his wares..... I'll only take credit for wanting to add some diversity to the evening, and I will say that G P's performance was something to never forget. It was showmanship with a grasp of the English language not often enough displayed. What also made me very happy and proud was that Jon and Leanne performed with me again. I am so lucky to have such friends to share music with and I am thankful everyday for them.

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