1. A Piece of You

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A Piece of you

Summer’s gone and the wind picks up,
While the trees say goodbye to their young

Young leaves blow in the breeze you know,
‘til the angels pick them up

They pick them up, collect them..
Like I collected you
And of you, I missed a piece,
I must have missed a piece or two

Footprints now in the snow outside,
It’s a faded path of one

One more night with a cloudless sky
And you know I’m gonna run

And so I run, looking for
I’m looking for the truth
And in the truth, it remains,
A single piece of you

Oh the cost of letting go
I hope reveals what I need to know

I’ve been moving fast, I‘ve been living hard
I’ve been fevered in my sleep you know

you know the calling sign, It’s your restless heart
And your memory just won’t stop

It won’t stop so I give in, I give in and I choose
I choose to keep, just a piece, a single piece of you.

And the morning light shines through,
a piece of beach glass blue..
reminds me of the sky’s in your eyes, in your eyes