1. River of Stars

From the recording Carousel

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River of Stars

Take a boat out, on the river and go to the deepest part,
Spin your boat around and round the stars…
Tonight’s your carousel

Find yourself within, the water’s trembling hands
They hold you in, high regard, unlike you, you tread
and hold yourself in contempt

Dive on down, and bathe away
the sins you hide, you hide
Well the water cleans
And what the water cleans
The river washes away
The river washes away

Your hair is smooth and the water drips to the
Dancing beat of your heart it breaks
The stained glass surface of night, shatters
And rises, slowly to the heavens above


back on land you walk, rocky is your path
unknown well take, take this chance and
find some courage you know it’s hard
but you might just find yourself