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I’m leave in the morning,
Packing all of my clothes…
The ones that don’t fit me
The ones that are soo old

Gonna wear them all out again

When I Go
~~Female (It’s time to come home)
When I Go
~~Female (I’m Done with Alone)

Gonna break the door on my cage
Rock & roll and rant and rage
All the new beginnings
~~Female (They Start with you)
we’ll Clean the floor then we’ll clear the sins
The road will melt the miles away



Wipe your tears, and wear a dress
The yellow one from May
I’m coming home, I’m coming fast
Male and Female ~I’m coming home to stay,
to stay, to stay

Gonna clear the webs in your soul
The ones in the corner hanging low
Say a prayer then we’ll show a sign
~ ~male (I need a sign, I need a sign)
Bury them right next to mine
You’ll sew a quilt from my old faded clothes

(together, fading)…..