From the recording Silver Burning Sky

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So Little, So Much

Light the Candles in the morning
The suns not quite up yet
Tuck the sheets back in Babe
Take me back to bed……….

The Day has now started
I ‘m back on the road
You do what your doing
And I’ll do what I’m told
As time goes by
We give it one more try
The new world order ain’t on our side
And people like us, we can’t explain
Why so little can cause so much…..Pain

You call me on the cell phone
With not much to say
But your words are so important
……..How is your day

It’s dark now and I’m still drivin
I can’t wait to be through
I’ll see your smiling face love
The one I love….…It’s you


Night time is upon us
Put the dogs on the bed
We’ll wake up in the morning
And start it all again

In C G……..(chorus:)