1. Dorian

From the recording Songs from the path

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These Days it seems hard enough
To know what it is we really love

Come with me, we’ll be set free
Illusions lifted, Reality

The Hills we climb will define us
Whether or not we reach the top

Night is clear, the stars are near
Times at hand in this special land

World is changing never stays the same
It’s all part of the game
Come and go but keep your soul
You can be at peace and free

We’ve come so far, We should be proud
Keep it real, Hey keep it loud

So Much more we have to do
Yeah I believe and so do you

Just remember who we are. I’ll lay low, You’ll be the star

Once again it’s all we know. Close to you I’ll always go


Hills we climb, they’re all In our minds

It’s gonna be alright, It’s gonna be alright
It’s gonna be alright, It’s gonna be alright