Rootstime, Belgium   (Translated)
Robert Bruey is a singer-songwriter from Southold, New York on his own songs accompanied by acoustic guitar. Another distinctive feature of his work is very recognizable voice in which soul and empathy are present and strong melodies that he composed in those songs. In the list of artists that influenced his work, we note include the names of Damien Rice, Jackson Browne, Ryan Adams and Johnny Cash. It raises the bar of expectations very high right away.

The album "Carousel" is his third studio album after debut CD "Songs From The Path" from 2009 and "Silver Burning Sky" in 2011. In his latest work he lets himself for the inclusion of the eleven original compositions in the studio assisted by his dear wife Dana Bruey for backing vocals and carry on instrumentation Chris Marshak (percussion), Malcolm Gold (bass), Jean-Paul Vest (electric guitar), Jon Preddice (cello), Jack Licitra (piano and Hammond organ) and Ben Wisch (piano and CD producer) their bit.

Just like on a "carousel" we turning musical circles in the eleven songs on this record. Robert Bruey tells his picturesque stories in songs of four minutes. With its special voice he manages to hold the attention of the listener effortlessly during this musical trip on this imaginary horse mill.

Songs like "Comin 'Round," "Fracture Of A Sign" and the rhythmic "Open Road" invite further deepening in the work of this American singer-songwriter. The intimate ballad "Go" sounds an emotional singing Robert Bruey, it accompanied by a captivating sound of the cello Jon Preddice. It's a song that could stand as a record of the Irish troubadour Damien Rice, as the subsequent "River Of Stars" way.

Just halfway through the album reached the best work has even come up with songs such as the austere "A Piece Of You" and "Anything But Red", the catchy "Everything" and "Whirlwind" and speaking to the imagination and very nicely orchestrated " Nightingale "(see live rendition on the attached video).

With it to soft rock-leaning "All This Is Love" Robert Bruey makes for a wonderful ending to this album "Carousel", a record which no created some room for boredom and contains eleven songs from the first to know the last note fascinate. That such artist before to begin recording the CD should first raise the necessary money through 'Kickstarter' is actually revenge calling. The important thing is that the record is there and we are having fun on the 'replay button to push to from the beginning once again to listen to this lovely simple but beautiful songs.