Growing up on the Saint John River, 

swimming fishing, canoeing, These were your best friends..

  "Ode to the All-Stars"

I can feel the water, first cold as it reaches my toes through the little metal holes on the side. The sun,

not beating down but the one in the sky looking over, bringing us the glorious summer. 


 Summer in Northern Maine... The quiet breeze, the slippery rocks underfoot. The dragon Flies, so colorful

and mysterious, like little helicopters reporting for duty, always only 1 inch above the surface.

 The laughter and the beauty of my friends gathering to swim with our 6 by 6 smartly crafted floats anchored 

with rope and rock.


 My Converse All-Stars, never broke the bank, never failed and never made me feel less than for not having the right

style. Style was a haircut, my All Stars never fade...



Northern maine Life....