June ~ 2014

I had such a cool road trip up to Bridgeport CT as I visited WPKN for an on air live interview. Bob Johnson and Binnie Klein could not have been more gracious as well as professional. I even got a…Read more

May ~ 2014

My favorite part of May was definitely the Freedom School Concert Series. There was such great energy in that room which made the evening full of music, good friends and smiles. Thank you to the Russell family, Anna, Dean and…Read more

April ~ 2014

 The CD release party for Carousel was such a wonderful success. it was held at the Vail Leavit Theatre in Riverhead NY to a sold out audience. I can't thank enough people for helping me get my music to this…Read more

March ~ 2014

....One of my favorite stories about the whole recording and making of Carousel happened while Jon Preddice and Ben Wisch were working together on the cello parts. They were working on a part for one of the songs which Jon…Read more

Febuary 2014~

 Putting my friend and guitarist, J. P. Vest in the same room as Ben Wisch had been a visual of mine for quite some time, probably for 2 years. This month I got to see that come to fruition and…Read more

January 2014

  I headed back to the studio in Ridgewood,  NJ to lay down the Guitar and vocal tracks for all 11 songs. This was the part of it all that I fretted the most about, and it soon became my favorite…Read more

December 2013

  Recordings began at Ben Wisch's studio in Ridgewood NJ in December and I am so glad that I listened to my friends about preparation. We laid down the bass and drum tracks for ten songs in three days. I have…Read more

November 2013

   The Sunday Street Concert Series which is hosted and put together by Charlie Backfish was such fun. It's so great to play to a true listening room and
 to get to perform with my buddy Jon Preddice. Jon played his…Read more

October 2013

 The Journey begins.....! I started rehearsals with Chris Marshak for the new Music project / CD/ Album ( whatever you choose to call it these days!) It's amazing
how much I don't know about music... and I'm okay with that…Read more

September 2013

Love playing the City.... Something about the atmosphere there makes me want to be part of that alive feeling. I played The Path Cafe and it is a small place,
but people are there, listening and appreciating, taking in the…Read more

August 2013

...Really enjoyed August.... Got to to go back to Northern Maine and be a part of my niece's wedding, which was wonderful. I was asked to perform music for her ceremony and it meant a great deal to me. The…

Read more

July 2013

.... I had such a great time performing at the Great South Bay Music Festival..! After a one year hiatus, it was good to be back there,  with Dana, J. P Vest and a new friend on electric guitar, Rob…Read more