November ~ 2012

Ok....... it's a good thing Dana let's me use her Civic whenever possible, because we sure put some miles on the road in November...!
  To start off, the 2012 NERFA conference in upstate NY was the best ones so far with old friends and new, great talent and great food. My favorite discovery was a husband - wife duo called Naked Blue. Here is a sample of their music~    That same weekend we traveled to Fanwood ,NJ and performed for the great folks @ the Fanwood Concert series.... much fun!
  For Thanksgiving we set our sails upstate and had a wonderful time with my Dad, Shirley, My Jenny and Kelly. I even let Jenn bring her fiance, Andrew along as long as he promised to not talk too much politics...! Joking, we love Andrew in this camp.  Anyway..... we got home just in time to perform at the Marcelo Lucero Tribute but had to leave immediately after it to perform in Stafford Springs, CT for my new friend, Georgia and the good people up at the Staffords Arts Commision Coffee House....... so much time in the car, but so well worth every mile.
 I have to say that the traveling is more than bearable because I have a great co-pilot and we like to listen to audio books together. We just finished Mocking Jay which is the 3rd installment of the Hunger Games trilogy. This is what I've asked for.... a life of music. Adjusting to it's schedule is a little tricky, but so far manageable.

Happy Holidays, Everyone......

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