......Major recording sessions were the main focus of July. I have been given a chance to make something special and I feel happy that the powers that be consider me worthy of such amazing people that have come into my life. Not just as musicians and sound engineers, but more importantly as friends I hope to always have. I recently heard in conversation that Leanne Preddice Strom from Miles to Dayton was probably one of the best Violin Players on all of Long Island. In July I found out how very true that is. 8 months Pregnant and still willing to contribute to this project, she quietly walked into the room and simply gave.

......Quite frankly, I never thought that the sound of a wurlitzer piano would ever make it on to one of my songs. Lets just say that I am glad I am open minded enough to try different things. "Unwavering Grace" is now timeless to my ears. Thank you, Thank you Jack for asking me to try this.

........ and Miss Dana........my harmony.........Miss Dana is......... Unwavering Grace

......Emotionally somewhat overwhelmed when I think of where I was in my life just a few short years ago... oh......this wonderful journey.

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