......One of the most amazing nights occured at an old church in Sag Harbor in front of about 400 people. The 88.3 FM fundraiser at the Old Whalers Church was a great success. The sound of that church, the connection to the crowd and Bonnie Grice's smile ... I can't help smile myself just thinking about it. Thank you to Bryan Downey for having me and allowing me to share the stage with such an amazing line up.

......More recording... more recording.. So glad I made sure to get Dave Marchs' butt in that recording session. It's hard sometimes I see now, scheduling other musicians. I just knew when I met him last January that I wanted his energy on board. His bass lines were perfect and "Dorian" is what it should be with these 3 bass climbs cleverly placed. What made me really happy was that Dave did his homework on the songs and had things he wanted to try. Proud, Proud, Proud............

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