Note: it's been such a whirlwind these days that I am a month behind in my journal updates. Not that the world waits with bated breath (ha) but I will get May together ASAP.

....... I had some new and interesting things going on in April. Legendary 88.3 fm NPR producer and host, Bonnie Grice invited me onto her show to do a live spot and it was magical. We were not only promoting the singer songwriter series in Sag Harbor but it was fundraising time for the new Peconic Public Broadcasting station as well. Bonnie is a gem and a pro.

....... Live taping for Whereforearts "after dinner" show was a blast. We taped a live interview and 3 songs which will air sometime late summer. Robin and Tom couldn't have been more accomodating and getting to hang out and talk shop with Lara Herscovitch who also performed was alot of fun. You can check it out at www.whereforearts.com

....... Karen Mannix of the Southampton Road Gallery put together a wonderful show called "Beatnite" where she matched Visual Artists with Performing Artists and asked the performing artist to perform an original song which matched the visual artists' work. There was some amazing talent and being matched with artist Sally Breen was a pleasure.

....... One of the more important events for me personally was supporting Joselo Lucero in the trial for the death of his brother Marcelo Lucero. I was able to see first hand the inner workings of and now have renewed faith in the American justice system. I am so personally grateful for Joselo. He has showed a world wide stage what it means to have grace and empathy under the most stressful of situations. To offer condolences to Jeffrey Conroy's family goes beyond what most of us are capable of grasping. I know I would have difficulty finding those words.

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