2012, A year in revue

.... Wow..... what an amazing journey..... It is such a great thing to be able to experience all the new things that this music has brought to me. I have gained so many very good friends and have expanded the reach of these songs to all new places in New York City, Connecticut and New Jersey.  

  ....It has been an interesting time, reflecting why it is that I've gone this route. Why play music?, what is with this need to be expressive...? Do all humans feel this need, what if we all were just musicians, painters and actors... nothing would get done...!  Then I found some light. There is a sense of accomplishment in all work, a sense of pride for a job well done.. you just need to love what you are doing.  I recently got mail from someone who told me that they were listening to some of my music, it had been helping them through a very tough time in their life and thanked me. No...Thank you, Gabe..... been there..... needed music to calm the seas myself.... Thank you for giving me a sign that this is not about applause, as much as we all desire it in some form or another.

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